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About Visions By Vicki

Visions By Vicki is not your average canvas painting class. These classes come to you and your guests!  Visions By Vicki wants you and your guests to sit back enjoy your evening, sip your favorite beverage, and let your creativity out. Canvas painting is taught to you one on one, step by step, by the talented owner Vicki Thomas. 

Vicki Thomas didn't realize a few years ago canvas painting classes was her calling.  As she was working multiple jobs burning the candle at both ends she prayed for something better, something new!  Little did she realize her path would be called upon her hobby of painting.

Vicki was shocked with the positive feedback after doing a canvas painting class for a Christmas office party.  That was the end to one chapter and a new beginning.  It wasn't long before Vicki left her employment because the canvas classes was booking her schedule everyday.  


Now two years after creating Visions By Vicki the demand for her painting classes are still on the rise.  Classes are booking months in advance just to have Vicki paint at their home or local businesses. 

School painting classes
Vicki helping paint
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